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1969 Morris Minor Saloon 1098cc
Reg. no. LMJ 337G
Chassis no. MA255 1252875
Engine no. 1ME UH 10023
Sir Alec Issigonis’ Morris Minor remains one of the most recognisable cars in Britain today, over 70 years since its launch. Well over a million were made in its 23 years of production, and they remain extremely popular as classics today, with thousands still in regular use.
Minors are one of the easiest and most popular classic cars to restore, and this project would be a good starting point. Parts are plentiful from an array of specialists, and it is also easy to upgrade a Minor with such improvements as disc brakes should one wish. Whatever path one chooses to take with this one, it should be a rewarding project. It comes with a V5C.

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