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1983 Citroen 2CV6 Saloon
Reg. no. A355 UOJ
Chassis no. VF7 AZKA00 95KA3893
Engine no. 0903024211
As much of a French icon as the Eiffel Tower, a baguette, or Charles De Gaulle, the 2CV has been an instantly recognisable symbol of Gallic car-manufacturing ingenuity for over 70 years. While its big brother, the DS, represented what Citroen could do in the realm of expensive, hi-tech cars, the 2CV did quite the opposite, and demonstrated perhaps better than any other car the merits of simple but clever design. Over the years, the car was updated and improved, with more powerful engines, but never lost its design purity.
This 1983 2CV is a restoration project that should prove most worthwhile, with values for these cars going up all the time. Last MOT tested in 2011, it should not be too hard to return it to the road, with plenty of expertise and good parts supply available. It comes with a V5C.

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£1,200 - 1,500

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