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1976 MG Midget
Reg. no. RKG 67R
Chassis no. t.b.a.
Engine no. t.b.a.
By 1976 MG’s popular midget was a well-established part of the British motoring scene, their affordability and ease of maintenance meaning that many thousands found appreciative owners, who got to experience all the joys of traditional British sports car ownership, without breaking the bank. From 1974, the Midget benefitted from the installation of the 1500cc Triumph engine in place of the 1275 A-Series, the larger engine producing the same 65bhp but more torque, giving a noticeable improvement in performance. Also new for 1974 were the black US-spec bumpers; these ‘rubber bumper’ cars have long divided opinion, but are now coming into favour with enthusiasts.
This 1976 1500 Midget is a restoration project that should prove most rewarding, with parts easy to come by. The engine turns freely.

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£1,500 - 2,000

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