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1953 Triumph TR2
Reg. no. VSJ 178
Chassis no. TS63260
Engine no. TS6690E
By 1952, the Triumph Roadster was starting to look and feel somewhat outdated, with its distinctly pre-war styling, and was never a particularly rapid car in the first place. Fearing being left behind in the sports car market, Triumph’s owners Standard tried to purchase the Morgan company. When this fell through, they instead embarked on the development process of an up-to-date sports car. The result of this, the experimental 20TS, was displayed in October 1952 at the London Motor Show. Standard then employed BRM engineer and test-driver Ken Richardson to test-drive the car, and his feedback led to changes to tame the prototype’s wayward handling. While the prototype was built on a Standard 8 chassis with Mayflower suspension and an engine lifted straight from the Vanguard, the production version, launched a year later, had a strengthened chassis with excellent rigidity, much-improved suspension, larger brakes and a tuned engine. The car was also widened and lengthened, increasing both passenger and luggage space. The resulting TR2 had a top speed of over 100mph, a huge increase over the 80mph of the prototype. The 90bhp 2-litre engine could also propel the car to 60 in 12 seconds – excellent performance for the time. Indeed, a standard TR2 fitted with optional streamlining devices reached just over 124mph on the Jabbeke motorway in Belgium in May 1953, making it one of the fastest British cars of the time. 1954 saw a 1-2 finish in the RAC rally, as the car proved an excellent motorsport competitor. This being the ‘export or die’ era for British manufacturers, the majority of the 8638 TR2s made to 1955 went to the United States in left-hand-drive form.
This TR2, from the first year of production, is an original right-hand-drive example. Restored some years ago, it remains in extremely smart all-round condition. Recently recommissioned, it has benefited from much work to the braking system, with a new master cylinder and four new slave cylinders, new brake pipes and new brake shoes. Also fitted with electronic ignition – a sensible upgrade for increased reliability – this fine example of an iconic 50s sports car also comes with a heritage certificate and a V5C.

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