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1922 Chevrolet 490
Reg. no. NO 6474
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The Chevrolet 490 was introduced in June 1915. Priced at $490 – hence the name – it was aimed squarely at the segment of the market dominated by the Ford Model T – which at the time cost $5 more. With more conventional controls than the T, it was an easier car to drive, and this helped it achieve strong sales. Performance-wise, there was not much to choose between the cars, the Chevrolet using a 2.8 litre four-cylinder engine – notably with overhead valves – that produced 24bhp. The success of the 490 led to big profits for the company, and enabled owner Billy Durant to buy General Motors in 1921 and merge it with Chevrolet, creating the automotive industry behemoth that is still going 100 years later. By 1922, when this car was produced, Chevrolet was selling almost a quarter of a million 490s every year.
This 1922 490 is an original UK-market right-hand-drive car. Seemingly modified to the ever-popular ‘speedster’ style at some point in the past, it certainly looks the part and should perform well with its lightweight coachwork. Perfect for summer jaunts through the lanes, it comes with a few old MOTs, some lovely period documentation including a catalogue, handbook and spare parts list, and a current V5C.

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