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1928 Ford Model A
Reg. no. BF 6272
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Henry Ford was, for many years, convinced that his ground-breaking Model T was the only car the world would ever need. It was indeed an excellent car – 15 million being sold in its 21-year production run, a record for a single model that stood for many years. By the mid-1920s, however, it was becoming obvious that the T’s days were numbered. Newer models from other manufacturers were now faster and easier to drive, with convenient features such as electric starters, which Henry Ford disliked, making the T seem outdated. After much pressure from both Ford’s sales staff and his son Edsel, Henry finally relented and allowed the development of a successor. The resulting design – largely Edsel’s work – was a much more conventional car, with a standard gearbox instead of the T’s epicyclic unit, and various features that by that time were commonplace on its competitors, four-wheel-brakes and an electric starter, for example. So different in concept was the new car that Ford decided to give it a clean-slate name – instead of the Model U, it was the Model A, representing just how big a step this was for the company. After nearly a year’s break in Ford production while the factories retooled for the A, the new car went on sale in December 1927. Dispelling any worries Henry might have had, the A sold extremely well, with nearly 5 million produced by the time production ended in March 1931. Model As weren’t just made in Detroit; factories in many countries turned them out, including Trafford Park in the UK. Many different body styles were available, both open and closed, with a choice of colours also on offer – another break from the legacy of the T.
This 1928 Model A is a Canadian-built right-hand-drive example; due to its status as a British Dominion, Canadian-built cars were exempt from import duties in the British Empire that Detroit-built cars would be subject to, and hence many right-hand-drive As trace their origins to Canada. This car was destined for Australia; as such, it is fitted with the standard Model A 3.3 litre engine, with 40bhp, instead of the 2-litre unit that was often fitted to UK-market cars due to the RAC tax system. The car was imported from Australia in 2003 and registered with the DVLA in 2012. These 3.3 litre Model As produce excellent torque and cope well in modern traffic, with decent brakes as well. They are very reliable, and if anything does go wrong, parts are readily available from the States – few vintage cars are easier to own. This very smart A is offered with various documents relating to its importation and registration, plus an original handbook and a V5C.

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