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Vincent Comet 500cc
Reg. no. OSJ 506
Upper Frame no. F5AB/S/71955
Rear Frame no. Non visible
Engine no. F5AB/S/71955
Crankcase numbers - Matching 56W
The later Vincent Comet series C was clearly derived from the twin cylinder models where, in place of the rear cylinder there is a frame tie that also supports the Burman gearbox. When first tested by journalists of the day it was said the Series C 500cc bike was a great improvement over its predecessor, with improved handling due in no small part to the new Girdraulic forks, an uprated braking system and a strong engine that could achieve nearly 90mph.
The Vincent Comet series C is probably the most widely available of all the Vincent 500 range and due to the recent rise in values for ‘matching number’ bikes prospective buyers must be very careful as there are many renumbered examples out there.
This Comet does not pretend like so many, to be a genuine matching numbers bike. it was built many years ago from a collection Vincent parts that have been updated where necessary to make a very good useable bike. The owner says that it starts easily and runs and rides as a Comet should. Not for the ‘matching numbers’ purist but a bike that will make someone who wants a classic Vincent to just ride and enjoy an excellent choice. It has recently been updated further with a new correct type carburetor from AMAL, a 12 volt dynamo operating system and the engine and gearbox have had the latest VOC Spares Company special internal seals fitted to ensure everything is oil tight.

Comes with – a current V5C.

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