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1930/31 BSA L31-5 350cc
Reg. no. Not registered
Frame no. Y5 993
Engine no. XP 3123 (see condition report)
The 1930s BSA marque was renowned for making strong reliable bikes and in these austere times bikes like the L31 were economical and were just as efficient getting the rider to work every day as they were going on the holiday run.
Condition: The engine number prefix ( XP ) indicates a late 1930 500cc OHV S30-13 which it isn’t and we believe it is probably the 350cc L30 side valve engine that should be prefixed ( XT ). The frame number indicates a 1931 350cc L31-5 Deluxe. Early L31s were made in late 1930 ready for registration in 1931 and whether these were put together at the factory in late 1930 to use the last of these engines up and why it is stamped XP we do not know. It has a three speed BSA gearbox and an interesting upswept fishtail silencer. Collected from its barn home and now looking for a new owner who will have an interesting restoration project or just something to occupy some hours researching its history and fiddling with in the garage during this lockdown.
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