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1973 Honda CB175 Road Registered Race Bike
Reg. no. TPJ 969M
Frame no. CB1757042661
Engine no. CB175E7043347
We all know the history of the legendary Honda range of factory racing bikes especially the tiny 1960s, 50cc RC range that could rev to over 20,000rpm to the GP bikes of today. Apart from the factory racers they also made over the counter race bikes such as the 50cc CR110 and the 125cc CR93. These bikes are unfortunately well out of the price range for most clubman racers and enthusiasts, but the general concept of the bikes styling was achievable in the form of machines like the one on offer here. Whilst it has not tried to be an exact copy of a CR93 it is a very nice-looking bike that has been built to a high standard and has proven to be a very competitive clubman racer.
Condition: This bike is a CRMC registered race bike and It has previously won its class in the CRMC Championships. It is also road registered so if you don’t want to race it you can still have fun using it on the road. It has a small electronic speedo fitted and some Dunstall silencers for road use. The owner says it is a well sorted bike that handles precisely and runs exceptionally well.
Comes with - a current V5C and a pair of Dunstall.

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