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1969/70 Greeves Griffon 246cc Scrambler
Reg. no. Not registered
Frame no. 56D-342
Engine no. GPF2/340
Gearbox no.G52/745
Founded in Thundersley, Essex by Bert Greeves and Derry Cob in the early 1950s when they started building the very successful ‘Invacar\' for disabled drivers which allowed them to move on to what they were really passionate about, 2 stroke competition motorbikes. These famous bikes quickly became established with riders such as Dave Vickers winning championships on the circuits of Europe and then Greeves did the same thing in the USA when the famous racer and garage owner Nick Nicholson in North Hollywood California saw their potential and became the main US importer and helped develop them to lead the way in the desert racing and motocross scene.
Condition: This bike was one of the bikes exported to Nicholson’s garage in California where it spent its life until recently when it was bought back to the UK and restored to the condition you see today. The ‘D’ suffix on the frame number indicates it was specified with the Ceriani Forks, wide ratio gearbox, and larger fuel tank. The owner says the bike starts, runs and rides as it should and would be ideal for someone who wants to compete in the 1960s class motocross racing scene which is becoming so popular now.

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