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1960s Velosolex Moped 2200
Reg. no. Not registered
Frame no. Not found
Engine no. 22 34610
The Velosolex name goes back to 1910 when they used to make automotive parts for other manufacturers, and it wasn’t until the early 1940s that they experimented with an engine that could be mounted on a bicycle and another six years before the Velosolex was launched. It was an immediate success in the austere times after the war, it was reliable, cheap to run and available. There was a continuous development program and each year the moped had subtle improvements, the 2200 was the 1961 model which benefitted from a huge power increase from 0.5hp to 0.6hp. There is a big following for these mopeds and a very active club that has its own annual rally. For interest and research purposes do watch these mopeds racing on You Tube.
The owner says he has had the engine running and it has a good spark. This is the second of these bikes he has had and was about to start getting it ready to go back on the road when another project took its place.
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