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1927 Daimler 20/70 Tourer
Reg. no. YT 3126
Chassis no. Q120/7028708
Engine no. LQ20/71690
In the 1920s Daimler, along with its future BSA stablemate Lanchester, retained a special position in the British car industry – these cars appealed to those who wanted the quality, refinement and luxury of a Rolls-Royce, but without the ‘Hollywood’ associations that the Derby firm’s cars had started to acquire. Hence Daimlers remained a particular favourite of the British royal family, along with other elements of society who wanted to travel in the best vehicle possible without being seen as too ‘flash’. Such models as the 20/70 epitomised this appeal; they were large, stately and finely crafted, but imposing in a restrained manner – they could certainly not be accused of being flashy or vulgar. Daimler knew its market well - that had stood them in good stead for a long time and would continue to do so.
This 1927 20/70 is a fairly rare open car – many Daimlers were formal enclosed limousines or landaulets. In the ownership of one family from 1966 to 2006, it was subject to extensive restoration work in the 1980s, which included the replacement of the original sleeve-valve engine with a 1934 2.7 litre overhead-valve engine from a later 20hp Daimler. This should offer easier maintenance plus improved performance, and was restored in 2012-14, including a new camshaft. It has only done 1700 miles since this photographically documented work. The original engine comes with the car but requires refurbishment. In all other areas the car remains in good condition, and it comes with some bills and a V5c.

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