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1930 Austin 7 Holden \'Chummy\' Tourer
Reg. no. SV 6329
Chassis no. 123003
Engine no. 166595 (fitted in car)
Throughout its production Austin 7 chassis\' were sold to a variety of specialist coachbuilders both in the UK and abroad. In Australia the Holden motor company bought a number of these chassis and built their own \'Chummy\' tourer bodies. These differed in several ways from the British version but still retained the basic \'Chummy\' look. The major differences were the steel bodywork incorporating a raised swage line around the waist to provide extra strength, a single piece windscreen that hinged open at the bottom and a wood and metal framed hood and side screens in the \'buggy\' style typical of Australian and American cars of the period. This car was imported from Australia as a wreck in 1992 and then fully restored to a very high standard by several specialists. The late Curly Goodwin bought the car in 2010. It is currently fitted with a 1932 engine, a four speed gearbox and a sidedraught carburettor. In the file there are assorted bills and papers relating to the car\'s history in addition to a V5c.

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