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1936 Austin 7 Ruby
Reg. no. JSJ 611
Chassis no. 244418
Engine no. N216845
The Ruby was introduced to the Austin Seven line-up in 1934, bringing a more contemporary look to Austin’s long-serving design. The improvements were not just on the surface, however; by this point the Seven had been much developed from its early days. Ease of driving was improved by a four-speed gearbox with synchromesh on second, third and fourth, while the chassis had become longer and wider, increasing the interior space available. The output from the 747cc engine had also increased to around 17bhp, making mid-30s Sevens capable of exceeding 50mph. These changes enabled the little Austin to stay competitive throughout the rest of the decade, and production only ended in 1939.
This 1936 Ruby is in good all-round condition and has been restored at some point in the past. Pre-war car ownership does not come in any easier form than an Austin Seven; they are well-supported, universally liked, and not hard to drive or work on.

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