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1948 Dodge Special Deluxe Saloon
Reg. no. DAS 770
Chassis no. 528A1648
Engine no. 582A1648
The Special Deluxe was an interesting Dodge model only made in Canada; in fact, the car was more Plymouth than Dodge, Chrysler deciding to amalgamate their ranges somewhat for the Canadian and export market, as the smaller numbers involved made producing full lines under multiple brands uneconomical. The resulting Dodge cars were often called ‘Plodges’ in Canada to reflect their Plymouth origins. The Plymouth on which the Special Deluxe was based was a fairly conventional car for the immediate post-war period, at least in North America; its 3.8 litre straight 6, producing 95bhp, drove through a 3-speed gearbox. An exciting new feature was a starter that was engaged by turning the ignition key – that may seem rather mundane now, but at the time this was a significant development, with most American cars relying on a floor-mounted button.
This 1948 car is in good condition and is said to run well. Imported to the UK in 1982, having previously resided in Brazil, it has been featured in Classic American magazine on more than one occasion. It has been restored at some point in the past; the current interior is said to have been renewed in the 1960s. It comes with a V5c, history of work completed in the UK, and a certificate from Marvel Studios confirming its involvement in the filming of Captain America – The First Avenger.

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