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1998 Volkswagen Golf Karmann Cabriolet
Reg. no. S12 ELP
Chassis no. WVWZZZIEZXK009316
Engine no. AGG200289
The Mk. IV Golf Cabriolet was launched in 1998 as something very new, but it was in fact just a Mk. III with a facelift, so this quickly became known as the Mk. 3.5! Although initially offered with three engine sizes, the model was quickly rationalised to just one engine, the classic 115bhp 2.0 litre unit. There were also various trim levels, this car having orange and black leather upholstery. S12 ELP is a limited edition and as such has an electric hood, electric windows, air conditioning and heated seats. A new gearbox and clutch have recently been fitted and although used regularly over the past 10 years, the car is in good all round condition. The current MOT expires in October 2018 and there is a V5c.

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