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1928 Dodge Victory Six
Reg. no. DS 8781
Chassis no. M 78495
Engine no. Unknown
One of the last major American manufacturers to persist with four cylinders, Dodge paid a heavy price for this lack of development, falling from third place in the US car sales table in 1918 to seventh ten years later. In 1927 the Senior range of six-cylinder cars was belatedly introduced, followed in 1928 by the Standard Six and Victory Six, replacing the venerable Fast Four whose origins were recognisably from the previous decade. The new Victory Six was powered by a 58bhp six-cylinder engine, a smooth and reliable unit with seven main bearings and full-pressure lubrication, the latter feature not particularly common on American cars of the time. Another advanced feature was hydraulic brakes, the Victory Six was the first low-to-mid-priced car on sale in the US to offer this as standard. Unfortunately for Dodge Brothers, the new models were not enough to elevate the company from the hole they found themselves in, and in 1928 the company was taken over by the expanding Chrysler empire – a $170 million dollar purchase that quintupled Chrysler’s production capacity.
This 1928 Victory Six is in good all-round condition, and is said to cruise well up to around 50mph; a very respectable speed for a car of the era. An ex-New Zealand car imported in 1990, it has the added benefit of right hand drive – Dodge developed a reputation for sturdy cars, hence they sold well in the more rugged areas of the British Empire. Offering as they do excellent performance and reliability, American cars of this vintage offer superb value for money. The car comes with a V5c.

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