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1938 Alvis 12/70 Special
Reg. no. SN 8463
Chassis no. 19417
Engine no. 15787
The Alvis 12/70 was introduced in 1937 as the least expensive model in Alvis’ high-quality line-up. The 1842cc overhead-valve four cylinder engine was a new design, and produced 63bhp, enough for a top speed of around 80mph. This engine was also easily tuneable, as many special-builders have found over the years. The whole car was finished to Alvis’ usual high standard, and over 700 were made before the war brought a halt to production. Many elements of the 12/70’s design lived on in the post-war TA14.
This part-built 12/70 special was purchased by the vendors in 2004; it is thought it was advertised for sale as a saloon in the VSCC newsletter a couple of years before then. When purchased, it was already dismantled and without any bodywork. In the vendors’ ownership, a new 2-seater body has been fitted, the engine has been rebored and had new pistons fitted, and the chassis has been narrowed at the rear. Currently sitting on 16-inch wheels, it also comes with its original 17-inch wheels, plus number plates, the chassis plate, and some instruments and lights. This interesting project with great potential comes with a V5.

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