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1979 Ford Model A Replica
Reg. no. SV 6736
Chassis no. MOM1EX4641
Engine no. Unknown
In 1978 Harry J. Shay reached an agreement with Ford to make fully functional, roadworthy Model A lookalikes using the latest Ford running gear. A promotional exercise, it was hoped that the sight of brand new ‘vintage’ cars in Ford dealerships – and every dealership was supposed to receive at least one – would entice curious customers in, who would then hopefully be tempted to purchase one of Ford’s more normal cars of the time. If they really did have their hearts set on the Model A, though, then that was no problem – the cars were for sale, not just for show, and indeed around 5,000 examples found buyers before Shay ceased production in 1982. Using the running gear from the second-generation Mustang – 2.3 litre ‘Pinto’ engine and a choice of either manual or automatic gearboxes – the Shay Model A offered a modern-for-the-time driving experience, while also looking near-identical to the original 20s-designed Model A. To the untrained eye it is very hard to spot a Shay among original Model As; not something that can be said of too many such evocations!
This Shay was imported in 1997 and has covered around 24,000 miles, 19,000 of those coming on these shores. Converted to run on LPG, it is said to be very economical and to achieve the equivalent of 50mpg. All distinctly Shay external parts – lights, etc – have been replaced with original Model A items, making the look even more convincing. In the current ownership the car has had a new hood and side screens, and recently has been fitted with a new timing belt and alternator. Said to be an excellent lively performer, it is also fitted with a US-style tow bar and our vendor tells us that it can be used to tow a medium-sized period caravan. In the history file is a V5c, an LPG conversion certificate and sundry old MOT certificates etc.

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