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1924 Amilcar CC
Reg. no. BF 8306
Chassis no. 4876
Engine no. 4886
In the few years immediately following the First World War, small cars were immensely popular in France – ravaged by war, much of France’s effort was going into reconstruction, and thus small, economical cars were just what was required to minimise the use of precious resources. In fact, the government offered incentives – any car under 350kg in weight, with an engine capacity of no more than 1100cc, was officially designated a cyclecar and was subject to a reduced tax rate of 100 Francs per year. In 1921, the Amilcar company was formed in Paris and delved into this market, launching in 1922 the CC, with an engine of just 903cc and a weight of 350kg. The car proved very successful and later formed the basis for sports models such as the CGS. Testimony to the car’s good design was the fact that it found an enthusiastic buying public not only in France, but also abroad where cyclecars were otherwise uncommon.
This particular CC was found in a derelict state in South Australia; the vendor acquired the car and commenced a full restoration in 2009, including the construction of a new body copied from an original car. The chassis and engine were also thoroughly restored, and the car was then imported to the UK in 2013. Registered and running, the car is in good all-round condition and comes with a V5c and bills.

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