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1952 Packard \\\'200\\\' 4.8 Litre 8-cylinder Deluxe Sedan
Reg. no. t.b.a.
Chassis no. Unknown
Engine no. Unknown
Introduced in 1951 as Packard’s lowest-priced offering, the 200 had a short lifespan of just two years, following which it was renamed the Clipper. Available as either a saloon or coupe, the 200 was considered a ‘small’ Packard compared to the company’s ‘senior’ offerings, although at around 4000lb and powered by a 4.7 litre straight 8, it could hardly be considered small by anyone else’s standards! As with many cars of the period, even luxury ones, standard equipment was somewhat spartan, but Packard offered a wide array of options to its customers. Many 200 owners specified the deluxe model, which added indicators and some extra chrome trim.
This 1952 200 Deluxe was imported from Sioux City, Iowa in December 2015. In superb condition, it has clearly been restored at some point in the not too distant past. With the following of American classics growing rapidly in the UK, this seems a particularly appealing car, especially considering its rarity – Packards of this era are much less frequently seen than Chevrolets, Fords, Cadillacs and the like. The car has a V5c. Please note that the number ‘BIG 1950’ currently fitted to the car is not included in the sale.

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