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1961 Morgan 4/4 Series III - by repute the 7th car built!
Reg. no. 494 BXF
Chassis no. A597
Engine no. 120E 6015
The Morgan 4/4 is one of the longest running production vehicles and the cars built today are instantly recognisable as being direct descendants of these early cars. After formative years spent in the drawing office of the Great Western Railway, engineer H F S Morgan progressed to automobile manufacture, showing his first three-wheeled car at Olympia in 1910. The first four-wheeled, four-seater Morgan appeared in 1936 powered by Coventry Climax\'s 1,122cc, four-cylinder engine. Two years later a special Climax-engined sports model competed at Le Mans, qualifying for the Biennial Cup. A special Standard 1,267cc overhead-valve four-cylinder engine was introduced for the 1939 season and would continue to power the 4/4 model to 1950. The model was reintroduced with Ford 100E power in 1955 after a five-year hiatus, the 4/4 was regularly updated with more modern engines and currently is powered by the 1.6-litre Ford Sigma unit. This example has been restored over many years by it\'s late owner, having been bought requiring total restoration in 2011. Within the file there are numerous invoices supporting work carried out including a reground crank, new pistons and bearings. The car was recently stripped for a respray so the car needs painting and reassembling prior to use. Within the file there is a photographic record of the restoration, an original sales brochure, a workshop manual, a V5c and the aforementioned bills.

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