Lot 2036


1947 BSA CIIT 250cc
Reg. no. Unknown
Frame no. Unknown
Engine no. XC11 T2416
Manufacture of the C11 started in 1939, developed from the C10 which was a side valve. As WWII was imminent production was slow at the beginning and it was never adopted by the WD for general use, although small batches were made for specific jobs. After WWII they went into larger scale production, as a lightweight motorcycle and in 1951 the rigid frame was upgraded to a plunger. A G was added after the 11 to denote that the gearbox had been upgraded and they were then sold as the C11G. Production continued up to 1956 when the C12 was introduced. The bike in the auction is an early ridged frame model, that is said to be incomplete but work has been carried out on the engine, including the fitting of new valves. There are no documents.

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