Lot 2008


1924 Diamond 147cc
Reg. no. CKC 855B
Frame no. 4753
Engine no. H7173
One of our many bicycle manufacturers at the start of the 20th Century, Diamond started producing motorcycles in 1911 using FN, JAP and Villiers engines. In 1916 production was suspended due to government restrictions; production restarted in 1922 with four models, the A, F, G and H all with JAP motors. In 1923 the ultra-lightweight was added to the list, with a 147cc Villiers engine, however sales were not good, by 1926 only two models were available, and in 1928 production was suspended once more. In 1930 production began again with a 250cc Villiers engine, coupled to a three-speed gearbox with electric lights but sales did not take off and in 1933 motorcycle production for Diamond finally ended. The company carried on with the manufacture of sidecars and caravan chassis\'; they also produced electric carts for internal deliveries in hospitals, factories etc. The bike in the auction is in very original condition and it has just been recommissioned. Now said to be in good running order by our vendor, this bike is offered with a current V5c.

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