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1967 Lambretta SX200 Scooter
Reg. no. OCR 95E
Frame no. SX200 839826
Engine no. SX200 839428
Manufactured by the Italian industrial giant Innocenti, the Lambretta motor scooter, together with their rival Vespa, mobilised an entire generation of Italians in the immediate postwar years. The scooter gained instant acceptance everywhere, its cleanliness and convenience appealing to those who regarded the motorcycle with suspicion. Scooters would eventually surpass their strictly utilitarian origins to become an integral part of youth culture in the 1960s, favourite transport of London\'s fashion-conscious \'Modernists,\' or Mods. By the 1960s, the familiar rounded, all-enclosing bodywork was in place, there being very little stylistic difference between Lambretta and Vespa at the time. That changed in 1966 with the arrival of the 200cc SX series and its more-angular \'Slimline\' styling, embodying what many enthusiasts regard as the definitive Lambretta look. Its 70mph top speed and fitting of a front disc brake meant the SX200 was a highly useable machine. This SX200 is unrestored but wonderfully patinated. The last owner had bought the scooter over 10 years ago with the intention of restoring it, but only carried out mechanical improvements and ran it, supported by the last MOT certificate dated August 2008. Now offered out of a private collection this scooter is sold with a V5c and a 2008 dating certificate from the Vintage Motor Scooter Club stating that the numbers were all correct.

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