Lot 1972


1929 Riley 9 Mk. IV Tourer
Reg. no. KR 8148
Chassis no. 605811
Engine no. 22810
In 1984 Brian Lloyd-Jacob registered the car with the DVLA and obtained a V5c, the original logbook having been mislaid over the years. He put the chassis together with a basic kit of parts including the front and rear axles. There is no history prior to that that our vendor can find. The chassis and parts were then sold on to a couple of other owners who did not get very far with the project although there are some notes in the file to show that the axles were assembled.
In 1997 John Stammers acquired the kit, at this time the axles were no longer attached to the chassis and all the parts were in boxes. He bought a \'ready-made\' body which he then sent to Keith Stimson, a local Riley body maker, who corrected the body to Mk. IV specification. John continued over the years assembling all the missing parts including the correct Rotax starter switch, a re-cored and re-nickelled radiator and a set of nickelled wheel nuts and centres.
Purchasedby our vendor in 2013, he soon discovered that the engine was seized, the block was found to be cracked. A new block was acquired which was then sent to Thomas Hamlin for crack testing and white metalling to accommodate a Riley Register crankshaft. The block was rebored and lined to accommodate standard Riley pistons. The engine now requires assembly; the pistons, valves, magneto and carburettor are all present. The wheels have been refurbished and most, if not all of the hard-to-find parts are sold with the project. Overall this is a most worthy project with much of the expenditure already carried out; it now requires an enthusiast to reassemble it. There is a V5c and some bills supporting work carried out.

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