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1957 Albatross Sports Runabout
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The Albatross Company were established in 1949 by two ex-servicemen who had been experimenting with various materials and designs since the war ended. This Albatross boat is described by our vendor as being in fair/good condition overall. It is 12\' 9\" long, (the beam is 4\' 7\" and the draught is 1\' 3\") and the hull is made of corrosion resistant aluminium (NS5 specification, 3 1/2% magnesium work-hardening and non-treatable). It is riveted throughout with the external surfaces slush riveted, all joints by repute being made with water resistant Evomastic sealing compound. Our vendor is of the opinion that the engine has been changed from a Ford Anglia 4-cylinder to a BMC 850cc Gold Seal engine.

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£1,800 - 2,000

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