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1974 BMW 2002 Tii
Reg. no. UHM 705M
Chassis no. t.b.a.
Engine no. t.b.a.
The BMW 2002 came about in rather fortunate circumstances. The company’s director of product planning and the designer of the M10 engine both realised that they had installed larger 2-litre versions of that engine in their personal 1602s. An opportunity was duly sniffed, and they proposed production to BMW’s board – who accepted, and so the 2002 was born. The 20 refers to the capacity, and 02 to the body – a two-door saloon. Performance was excellent, particularly from the Tii version, introduced in 1971. Fuel injection replaced the earlier carburettors, and an output of 130bhp, coupled with excellent handling and light weight, made these cars superb sports saloons of the purest form. The 02 series, particularly the 2002, were the cars that launched BMW as a global brand, and by the time production ended in 1975, the company was on a firmly upward path.
This 2002 Tii has been restored; the underside has been thoroughly rust-proofed and painted, and various new parts have been fitted, for example a new water pump and new clutch and brake master cylinders. Currently without an MOT, the vendor advises that the indicators are not working, but apart from that the car is in good condition. It is offered with a V5c.

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