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1974 Citroen D Super 5
Reg. no. SGB 545N
Chassis no. 04556010
Engine no. 0573030697
The revolutionary Citroen DS was introduced in 1955. Priced at 65% more than its predecessor, the Traction Avant, it was an expensive car with all its hydraulic wizardry, and out of reach for many. In 1957, to try and draw more people into buying a new Citroen, a lower-spec model – the ID – was launched. Using the same body as the DS, it featured a reduced hydraulic system and a less powerful engine. Nevertheless, the superb suspension remained unchanged, giving the same magic-carpet ride as the more expensive DS. In 1975, the ID range was replaced with the D Special and the D Super, the D Super being the better equipped. In D Super 5 form, as this car is, the same 2,175cc engine and five speed gearbox were used as were found in the DS21, making these cars very capable and comfortable over long distances. The cars were discontinued along with the rest of the DS range in 1975.
This 1974 D Super 5 has been with the vendor for four years; over that time various restoration jobs have been done on the car, and it is on the road with an MOT which expires in March 2018. There are still some areas in need of attention, but the car can be a running restoration. These D Super cars offer the legendary comfort and style of a DS with a lower price tag; surely an attractive proposition.

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