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1928 Austin 12/4 Burnham Saloon
Reg. no. TX 4861
Chassis no. STC12406-39376
Engine no. 39867L
Introduced in 1922, the Austin 12 was in many ways a scaled-down version of the 20, Austin had misguidedly tried to produce the 20 as its only model. When this one-model policy had brought the company to the brink of extinction, the 12 and 7 were launched; these were the cars that saved Austin. Soon becoming famous for its strength and reliability, the 12 was to last right up until 1939. In late 1926, the 1.6 litre engine was enlarged to 1.8, giving a welcome boost in power. Numerous body styles were offered over the years, one of the most enduring and most popular being the Burnham saloon. Well-appointed yet affordable, these cars are a classic example of late-20s middle-class motoring.
Restored 30 years ago, this 1928 Burnham remains in good condition. Sensible upgrades have been fitted – a new modern propshaft, coil ignition and a two brush charging system – while recent work includes new gearbox bearings last year, and the nearside kingpin was replaced. The car is also fitted with an Eberspacher diesel heater which is, by repute, in good working order. The car comes with a V5c.

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