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1920 Elfe Competition Cyclecar
Reg. no. n/a
Chassis no. Unknown
Engine no. Unknown
The Elfe was a French automobile manufactured in Levallois from 1920 until 1925. Produced by M. Eugene, who also founded the Bol d\'Or race, the car began as a cyclecar, with accomodation for its passengers in tandem. The engine, a 997cc v-twin Anzani, was centrally mounted. Other touring cyclecars under the same badge were produced by a M. Mauve using 704cc two-stroke v-twin Vapor engines. This exciting project was bought as a chassis some years ago by a vintage enthusiast, the late Nick Moffat, who began the painstaking research into the model\'s history. Having found out what the chassis was from, he set about collecting the essential parts to turn the project into a car. This was a slow process but he eventually sourced the rare 997cc Anzani LM3 engine at a cost of £5,000. He also found a 3-speed gearbox with reverse to provide transmission by chain to the non-differential back axle. There is a rebuilt magneto with the water cooled 9hp engine, there are two steering columns, a very good steering wheel and a small copper fuel tank as the car was only for race and sprint, so a small tank is appropriate. Much of the chassis still requires total restoration but the wheels have been restored with new beaded-edge tyres. There are several files of history, drawings and research that will be sold with the project.

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