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1911 Briton 12hp
Reg. no. n/a
Chassis no. Unknown
Engine no. Unknown
Emanating from that prolific centre for the early British car industry, Wolverhampton, Briton cars were produced in not inconsiderable numbers from 1909 to 1919, and then again from 1922 to 1929. Production started after the Star Motor Company, run by Edward Lisle, took over the Star Cycle Company, run by Lisle’s son, also called Edward. The cycle company had been making cars called Starlings and Stuarts; to rationalise the range, the Briton Car Company was founded and Starlings and Stuarts were discontinued. Production took place at Star’s Stewart Street facility, Britons being assembled by the same workforce that produced the high-quality, upmarket cars of the parent company. The 12hp, launched in 1910, used a twin-cylinder engine of 2,282cc, and sold for 200 guineas.
This 1911 12hp was exhumed from a Kent copse in 1973; restoration commenced in the late 1980s. A new chassis and new wheels were built to original specifications, and the axles were rebuilt. The engine was dismantled for rebuilding but a crack was then discovered in a cylinder wall; it remains dismantled. The car has not been worked on since approximately 1996. With drawings, photographs and correspondence on file to help with the reconstruction of missing parts – for example, the radiator – this would be an interesting, challenging and rewarding project. There is no V5c.

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