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2007 Morgan 4/4 Tourer
Reg. no. J50 GAD
Chassis no. SA944180024L00343
Engine no. D2252/194EM
In 1936, Edward VIII became king, the Berlin Olympics was held, the Tasmanian Tiger became extinct. Those events are very much part of history now; another 1936 event, albeit slightly less high-profile, was the launch of the Morgan 4/4. But this car is just as much part of the present as it is of history; 82 years later, 4/4s are still rolling out of the Malvern factory – the longest production run of any car. While perhaps a footnote in the wider story of 1936, the car marked a significant moment for Morgan – it was their first four-wheeled car, and was powered by a 4-cylinder engine, hence the name. Over the years there have been numerous changes, mainly in the engine department – by 2007 the 1.8 litre Ford Duratec engine was in use, its 125bhp providing something of an increase over the 39 of the original! In spirit, though, the 4/4 has remained true to what made it so successful – light weight, good handling, and the most important part – a sense of fun that only a classic British sports car can provide.
This 2007 car features the aforementioned Ford engine and a four-speed gearbox, offering excellent performance in such a light car, with the added benefit of modern levels of reliability. With just one previous owner, it has covered only 11,300 miles and remains in excellent condition throughout. It comes with a V5c, a selection of bills and a current MOT.

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