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1986 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet
Reg. no. 934 DTR
Chassis no. Unknown
Engine no. Unknown
Instantly recognisable as a 1980s icon, the Porsche 911 Carrera had roots long before, having arrived on the scene in 1964 replacing the 356. In the 1960s so many car manufacturers worldwide were conscious of not only appealing to the American market but making sure that they complied with their more stringent regulations. The result with Porsche was the Targa model of 1965 that tried to cover all requirements being a soft top but visually hampered by a roll bar. In 1981 the company felt confident enough to pursue the \'perfect\' design and they omitted the roll bar, whilst the engine capacity was increased to 3.2 litres. From 1984 the \'Carrera\' name, previously reserved for limited edition competition orientated Porsches, was applied to all 911 models in 1984 in a bid to enhance the car\'s image.
The engine size increase was not the only change \'in the boot\', the power unit was extensively revised and it produced 231bhp, 27hp up on its predecessor. This gave the 911 a new top speed of 152mph, but it was the manner in which it got there that was particularly impressive; 100mph was reached in a spectacular 13.6 seconds. Keeping the car on the tarmac at such speeds was achieved by a deep front spoiler and new rear wing. Such features, whilst vital to the stability of the car, also gave the 911 a \'modern\' look, which when combined with fat tyres and wide wheel arches, provided the styling that we all love today. Here is a car that can be instantly and accurately placed on the automotive timeline, based purely on the aforementioned looks.
This example has a recorded 77,897 miles and we understand that the last MOT expired in 2011. This is consistent with learning that the car had resided in a storage unit as part of a collection for at least 6 years. When jump started the Porsche surprisingly fired and ran, although at first not very smoothly, as one would expect. After running the engine for some time, it ticked over and sounded as it should; a short drive didn\'t flag up any obvious major faults either. However full recommissioning is recommended. The car presents very well bodily and the hood is good, although the rear plastic window needs replacing. Interior wise, the seats are showing some signs of wear, but again this is an area that would improve relatively easily. At the time of cataloguing, no documents or history have been located.

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