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c. 1922 Austin 20/4 Truck
Reg. no. NX 103
Chassis no. t.b.a.
Engine no. t.b.a.
Herbert Austin loved building big cars and it is well documented that the Austin 20\'s design originated from a Hudson, which Herbert had riden around in whilst in the USA. Austin\'s one model policy in a war-weary Edwardian Britain didn\'t prove successful, and although the 20 was a great car, the war had changed the world and big expensive cars, often chauffeur driven, were just not what was required. As early as 1921 Herbert Austin was planning two new models, that were effectively scaled down versions of the 20, and it was the more affordable 12/4 and the 7 that saved the Austin company. We understand that this 20/4 was built up from parts some years ago, using a rolling chassis that had been destined to be a \'racer\' and had therefore been shortened. NX 103 is recorded with the VAR as a 1921 ambulance that had been working in Shrewsbury between the wars, but this truck is now built using mainly 1924 parts. The NX 103 registration may well have been acquired some years later. The truck forms part of a deceased estate and it has been laid up for a number of years. Although running well recently, recommissioning will be required. NX 103 is offered with a V5c.

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