Lot 1916


c. 1945 Ford Jeep
Reg. no. DBY 251B
Chassis no. 136531/CH124232
Engine no. 205194
It was early in 1940 when the USA decided that they needed a lightweight and versatile 4x4 vehicle and so they sent their requirements to no less than 135 US automotive manufacturers. Ultimately two manufacturers were successful, Willys with their MB and Ford with their GPW. As the war progressed Willys-Overland produced over 300,000 Jeeps and the Ford Motor Co. was drafted in to help boost production and they contributed 250,000 units. Ford assembled Jeeps were recognisable by their pressed steel grilles as opposed to the Willys-style grille. In the last eight years over £7,000 has been spent on this example, work which includes a replacement engine, for which the invoice is available. We understand that there is lots of history in the file, several bills and a V5c.

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