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1968 Jaguar S-Type 3.4
Reg. no. TWY 418F
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The S-Type Jaguar was introduced in 1963 to fill a gap – if someone wanted a more luxurious car than a Mark II, but didn’t want to stretch all the way to the larger and more expensive Mark X; Jaguar hoped the new model would be just the car for the job. Using a scaled-down version of the sophisticated independent rear suspension from the Mark X, installed on what was essentially a slightly redesigned and more luxurious Mark II platform, the S-Type was born. Using the same 3.4 or 3.8 litre engines as the Mark II, it sold alongside the other models until 1968, but stronger-than-expected Mark II sales meant the car never really took off in the way Jaguar had intended – a criticism being that they had created a car for a niche that wasn’t really there. This was no reflection on what was a very fine car, in many ways superior to its more famous sibling.
This 3.4 litre S-Type from the last year of production features Jaguar’s own manual gearbox, regarded as an improvement over the earlier Moss unit. The car is in very good condition, bar a few minor bodywork imperfections. It was last MOT’d in 2013 and has been in storage since then, although once started the engine ran well; some minor re-commissioning could be advisable.

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