Lot 1905


1924 Austin 12/4 Windsor Saloon
Reg. no. PW 3894
Chassis no. 3T 02201
Engine no. 16786
Introduced in 1921, the Austin 12 was in many ways a scaled-down version of the 20, which Austin had misguidedly tried to produce as its only model from 1919. When this one-model policy had brought the company to the brink of extinction, the 12 and 7 were launched; these were the cars that saved Austin and led to them becoming a giant of the British motor industry. Soon becoming famous for its strength and reliability, the 12 was to last right up until 1939, in its later years mostly bodied as taxis. The Windsor is thought by many to be one of the prettiest 12/4s with its perpendicular looks and quality button back, crocodile grained leather interior. This example was restored between 2001 and 2002, with a reconditioned engine, new wiring and new paint. The car is now nicely patinated and the interior is in good condition, with the correct button back design. The result is a very useable car that anyone would be proud to own which is offered with a V5c, an old logbook and some bills.

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