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1935 Riley 12/4 Kestrel 22T
Reg. no. ATT 485
Chassis no. 22T 815
Engine no. t.b.a.
Introduced in 1934, the Riley 12/4 built on the successful 9’s greatest strength – its excellent twin-cam engine. Modified and enlarged to 1.5 litres while retaining the same design philosophy and free-reving nature, the new engine produced 51bhp and enabled most 12/4s to exceed 70mph, impressive figures for a car in its class. For 1935, three bodies were available on the 12/4 chassis – a surprisingly low number by Riley standards! The more traditional, upright Falcon saloon was joined by the lower, more streamlined Kestrel, while the Lynx was the open model; buyers could choose between manual or pre-selector gearboxes. For 1936, the 12/4 was renamed the 1½ litre, and the engine would last in production until 1955.
This early 1935 Kestrel was the subject of a body-off restoration in 1970; at this time, the engine bearings were re-metalled. It then covered only 2,200 miles in the next 32 years, so remains in good condition. The present owner has fitted a new exhaust system, replaced the kingpins and steering ball joint, and has had the brakes relined. A modern oil filter conversion is fitted, along with flashing indicators – a sensible addition in these days of ever-diminishing trafficator awareness. The car comes with a V5c and old-style logbook, plus bills relating to the 1970 restoration.

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