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1932 Sunbeam Model 90
Reg. no. t.b.a.
Frame no. t.b.a.
Engine no. t.b.a.
This was one of the last \'Marston\' 90s before things moved on with the \'95\' in 1933. The last \'90s\' had many of the detail design changes which appeared on the \'95\', including rocker lubrication. This model also had the four speed box. This machine was a clubman sidecar racer based in the Liverpool area throughout the 1930s, before being laid up at the outbreak of war. It was never recommisioned and lay slowly deteriorating until it fell into the hands of an engineer in the 1970s who started a very meticulous restoration. Sadly time and ill health meant that the bike was sold and the current owner completed the restoration. The wheels were rebuilt and the rims replaced, and the handlebars are KTT pattern dull stainless. The frame and engine numbers are correct \'90\' and there is correspondence with the Sunbeam Register and the VMCC confirming this. The bike was first registered for the road in 2013 whilst the rebuild was finished and it is offered with a V5c.

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