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1938 TRIUMPH TIGER 90 500cc
Reg. no. XBV 526
Frame no. TH5168
Engine no. 8/T90/10693
For many years Triumph were probably the best known British motorcycle name. In the 1920s and 1930s they developed a range of SV and OHV single and twin-cylinder engines. The bike in the auction is a 500 OHV single. This is the biggest of the range of the Tiger motors built in the 1930s. The Tiger 70, 80 and 90 models were 250cc, 350cc and 500cc capacity respectively. A large number of the 350cc versions known as the 3HW were built for the WD for use in the second world war. The factory was destoyed by bombing and when production restarted in 1944 the range of Tiger single cyclinder engines were dropped. They concentrated on the twin cylinder range. This Tiger 90 in the auction has had a complete rebuild and there is a photographic record of the restoration. Originally purchased from Pride and Clarke, London, this bike was then owned by the same family until being taken off the road in 1970 and totally dismantled. It was found and purchased as a project in 2014, without a logbook, which had sadly been lost. The DVLA would only issue an age-related number at this time.
Following completion of the restoration in 2017, due to the age of the owner and weight of the bike, it has been run but not ridden, therefore the new owner will need to \'run-it-in\'. New engine parts fitted include valves, guides, springs and push rods. It received a re-bore with a new piston, new main bearings, new chains, new clutch plates and new big and small ends. The magneto has been overhauled and all the original gauges, levers and dials have been retained. This fabulous example is sold with a V5, maintenance and instruction manuals, plus a spare parts manual.

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