Lot 1878


2002 KAWASAKI W650 676cc
Reg. no. ST02 HUU
Frame no. JKAEJ650AAA011507
Engine no. EJ650AEO12551
Kawasaki launched its W650 in late 1999, reputedly in competition with the relaunch of the Bonneville. It was also compared with the BSA A10, but in truth comparison was limited, although they were all parallel twins of 650cc, the W650 had a single SOHC 8-valve head, wheras the British bikes were pushrod engines with a standard 4-valve head. The Kawasaki had the benefit of Japanese reliability but weighing some 40lbs heavier than the Bonneville, the performance was said to be stately rather than spirited. The bike in the auction has a V5c, full service history from new with a very low mileage and it is said to be in excellent condition.

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